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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to be announced on November 10.

The new Xbox series are expected to launch before the holidays. Microsoft are set to release two models which is the Xbox series X and series S.

 These console were developed alongside and have some similar features and specifications .

The Xbox series S is the cheaper of the bunch with a price tag of about $299 while the series X price is expected to be around  $500. Companies have tried to reduce the price of their products recently due to the world's economic situation and we think this is what Xbox have done with their prices.
Some of the most noticeable difference in both consoles is the display, the series X has a 4k resolution up to 120fps while the series S packs 1440p at 120fps. Aside from the resolution both consoles have the custom NVMe flash storage, the series X has 1 terabyte storage while the series S gets 512 gigabyte of storage.

One major downside to the series S is that it is digits only (i.e it does not have a disk drive), so if a person want to use physical media which involves use of game discs will have to go for the more expensive series X.

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