How To Grow A YOUTUBE Channel in a month || Step to Step Guide - Techizzy - Techizzy

How To Grow A YOUTUBE Channel in a month || Step to Step Guide - Techizzy

Do you have what it takes to be a youtuber?

I asked this question above because to be a successful YouTuber is not an easy task. Many people open YouTube channel and after 1 months of being a YouTuber they stop because their channel is not growing.

Things You Must Know About Youtube

  • YouTubers with 100k upward subscribers have started years ago so I see no reason for you to giveup.
  • Do not copy popular YouTubers because you would get tired of it quickly.
  • YouTube is for people who are ready to face the consequences.
  • Hitting 1k subscribers and having 4000 views per watch hour is easy of you are consistent.

Steps in Growing Instagram account is also similar to YouTube. I would say all the requirements are similar. With out wasting much of your time let me give you the way to grow a YouTube channel in just a month.

How to GROW your YOUTUBE CHANNEL in a month || For Beginners

These are the steps that has helped alot of YouTubers:

• Have a Niche:

This might sound crazy to you but it'll help you. If you don't know what niche is, there are many search engines that can give you update about niche but me explaining it should give you knowledge of what a niche is.

According to filmora wondershare, A niche is what makes your channel unique. When you are finding a niche for your YouTube channel, you are looking for a subset of a genre, subject, or topic to make videos about. A niche can be broad like a channel about traveling. Or more focused such as a channel only about traveling for food.

So if you are starting a YouTube channel you must have a specific categories of videos you must post about. For example my niche is Tech, yours can be food , unboxing or travel and many more. Niche shows that your channel is unique, if you just post any type of video that doesn't have categories your viewers won't come back to your channel.

• Have a scheduled time for uploading:

Youtube is a place that you don't just upload. You must've a scheduled date, time and days to upload a video. Let me give you one trick to know if your channel is growing, try to upload videos once a week and share to your friends if you people come back and commént saying I love your content, pls you need to post more that means you need to upload videos thrice a week so that they would keep coming back but if you get no commént you need to look for a niche that would help you.

Note: Don't say because your friend is doing tech you also must do tech. Choose a niche that you understand better or post videos that your good in.

• Ask your Audience what video they want?

By asking your Audience what video they want they'll feel that they are special and with this they'll keep coming back. There is on of my favorite YouTuber her name is Annie Dubé. She's good in doing this, always asking her fans what video they want. This would help you boost your channel. The YouTube algorithm says that the more you engage the more your videos grow. If you have over 1k comment in the first hour of your video your channel has been promoted automatically. 

If you don't know how to ask your viewers just ask them saying comment below any video you want me to make and share. You would be surprised with what you would see on the comment box. Most times you think your viewers are not watching you, they are. But by asking them they will respond.

• Always Put Call To Action [ CTA ] on your videos:

If you watch videos everyday on YouTube like i do. You will see some YouTubers saying don't forget to subscribe to my channel and turn on post notification with this they'll subscribe to your channel.
If you are creating a video like that and you think your Viewers would subscribe you are fooling your self as a small youtuber. Even youtubers with 1M subscribers still tell Viewers to subscribe, better do this before it's too late.

• Share your Videos On Social Media Platforms:

The best way for the world to know about your channel as a newbie is to share your content. You need to know that 60 % of viewers are coming from social media platforms. There are alot of social media platforms that you can share start now.

• Post Catchy Videos:

As a beginner create videos that if people see the the title they will surely click on it. By doing this it boost your CTR and your channel watch hour.

• Use The Appropriate Tags.

I can't explain this in words but you can watch video about it or comment below if I should make a video about it.

• Don't Copy other people Videos. Create your own video it help you know if viewers like your videos or not.

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I hope with all this you have been able to learn. I'd you love this kindly comment and share. Also tell me videos I should make on my channel and articles I should publish on this website.
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