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What you should do if AdSense rejects your site during this covid-19

Many publishers are applying for AdSense so that they can start earning from their blog. Most of them do not know that their workers are are not available for the moment, this is why you get notifications from them after 4 - 6 weeks.

Yesterday, while I was discussing with my friends on a blogger group asking "why is AdSense not reply fast" I was so much in this matter but fortunately I got an answer that pleased me.

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I have some answer that I would love to share to you all on this topic "What you should do if AdSense rejects your site during this covid-19"

What you should know

According to what I heard on the WhatsApp group, there is no specialist reviewing the site. AdSense has developed a bot or spider or robot that would review the site and check everything. It has been programmed. This is why if you apply the first time it'll reply and when you reapply the next day you will no longer get a reply.

The reason for that is they expect you to wait for sometime to fix your errors because you cannot fix a website error in one-day.
Well, there is always a solution to every problems stuck to this post and reads to end.

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What you should do if AdSense rejects your site during this covid-19

I don't have much to say because all what said above should have given you and idea of what to do. AdSense is a network that you would have to be patient with because almost 50000 website apply in a day. 

To get your site approved during covid-19 pandemic is easy to do all you need is patient.

If AdSense has disapproved your site in covid-19 follow these steps below
  • Fix your errors and check your content with plagiarism checkers. I would advice you to use 3 plagiarism checker because some are not accurate.
  • Use a mobile friendly and SEO Optimized template or blog theme.
  • Do not participate in any affliate Marketing program to avoid the error of valuable inventory.
  • After fixing the errors, wait for 1 months.
  • Within that 1 months publish original, unique content. Don't forget to scan with plagiarism checker.
  • Remove copyrighted images and put important pages like privacy and policy, disclaimer and contact us.
  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate: This means that your viewers must be able to move across your site with ease.
If you have done all this you will get your site approved by AdSense. Trust me it's legit and simple to do.

Note: wait for 1 months before reapplying, if you are not satisfied try contacting pro's and you might see it's similar to this.


This content is for educational purposes only not to spoil the name of AdSense organisation.

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  1. Or you can just apply on less popular ad networks that won't require all this stress��‍♂️. Yes we know that adsense is the best but if they don't approve you, will you na kill yourself? That's why some bloggers close their blogs after some time. You'll just be wasting useful traffic


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