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IPhone 12 Series: What to expect.

There have been a lot of speculations and romours about the IPhone 12 series, it is even one of the trending topics online.
Leaks ranging from its release date, specifications, price, benchmark scores and the likes.
 IPhone 12 is expected to be released in four models:
1. IPhone 12 mini- 5.4 inches.
2. IPhone 12- 6.1 inches.
3. IPhone 12 pro- 6.1 inches.
4. IPhone 12 pro max- 6.7 inches.

Latest iPhone updates.
The new iPhone 12 models are expected to launch with the new Apple A14 Bionic  processor and IOS 14.
• The newest models might all support 5G networks.
• All four iPhones are expected to launch with OLED displays instead of Apple usual LCD panels.

 Though apart from the design changes, chip set and camera the iPhone 12 series will not be much different from the iPhone 11 series.
 IPhone 12 pro max latest AnTuTu bench mark results shows that there is a slight or measurable increase in the performance when compared to the iPhone 11 pro max.

There even seem to be a reduction in the battery capacity in the iPhone 12 series when compared to the previous model.  But since Apple is using a newer chip on the iPhone 12 series this will enable a more power efficient phone.

IPhone 12 series price and availability.
Apple is reportedly ready to begin mass production of the iPhone 12 series and are planning to ramp up production by the end of September or beginning of October.
 So the new iPhones will be on sale probably towards the end of October to early November.

IPhone 12 mini.
64GB- $700
128GB- $750

IPhone 12.
64GB- $800
128GB- $850
256GB- $950

IPhone 12 pro.
128GB- $1050
256GB- $1150
512GB- $1350

IPhone 12 pro max.
128GB- $1150
256GB- $1250
512GB- $1450

The article is based on reports and  unofficial specifications online, as soon as the iPhone 12 series is officially released we will be able to give  full specifications.

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