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Huawei to launch its own Harmony OS.

Everyone is aware of the ban that was put up by the United States government, the ban prohibits any US company to continue to partner or trade with any China based company.
This caused Google which is an American company to stop their partnership with Huawei which is a Chinese company. Before the ban, Google provide Huawei with the operating system(Android) which they used on their phones and apart from the operating system Huawei's chip suppliers, Taiwan Semi-conductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), Samsung and SK Hynix confirmed that they will stop working with the company as from September 15 without a license from the US.

Therrfore the question remains, will Huawei be able to survive the US ban?
Huawei seem to be working towards a solution to their operating system problems.
The company is working on its own operating system Harmony OS 2.0 which will not only be available to their smatphones, it will also be available to other Huawei products like laptops, televisions, tablets and the likes.

Huawei is also building an ecosystem with other electronic makers, therefore ovens, fridges, cars, televisions, speakers, and many other products will have Harmony OS 2.0.
This will enable a seamless connection in the household and other devices.
Huawei seem to be able to handle their problems quite well, this will be able to give an idea of what Huawei will be able to do to survive their chip set problems.

Huawei's Harmony OS 2.0 is reportedly coming to smartphones in 2021.

Smartphone users worldwide are eager to see how the new Harmony OS will be able to replace Google services on Huawei phones and if it will be a rival to Android and IOS.

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