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How to Switch From Google Play Music to YouTube Music [Guide]

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 The first music service that was Google launched shall be shutting down on December 2020. To keep your data and storage like your music and playlists, you will have to switch or migrate to YouTube Music or you download it. 

When is Google Play Music Going Away?

Google has mentioned that “YouTube Music will take over Google Play Music by December 2020.” The replacement for Google play music is YouTube Music. It has shown to have the same big library of streaming music, but there is change of interface and also there is change in the application you are to use for streaming. Google has been adding new and interesting features from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. Also the ability to stream your own songs just like uploading videos on YouTube but this is similar to audiomack.

On October 2020 you will no longer be able to stream music on your Google play music. (The starting point in some regions is September 2020 like New Zealand and South Africa.) If you are still subscribing on you play music account and you do not transfer your account to YouTube music , Google will automatically cancel your subscription at the end of October (or September if you are in New Zealand and South Africa.)

When you have switched, hop in to the YouTube Music website and use the YouTube Music apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad to stream or play your music online or offline.

How to Download Your Music

When you are done with the Google’s music services, you can now download any music you upload.

Also, you can use Google Takeout to download your Google Play Music data and files and take it with you. Make sure play music is thoroughly checked to download all of it (Music)  from the  list of all the songs that you have added to all music files you have  uploaded. Google Takeout is going to work until Google Play Music shuts down on December.


I know is not everyone that loves YouTube music well there are other options for you and almost 90 percentage of people in the world likes it. You can download audiomack or Spotify or Apple music to stream and download music some are bought music like boomplay, it depends on your region.

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