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How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account in 2020 – [Updated]

 Facebook is one of the top website and social media platform in the world in which everyone use to chat with family and friends, also people use it to promote their business.

These days people who do illegit jobs on the net like cyber crime learn hacking so they can get account of Facebook users to scam people that are overseas. This is common in the African Countries like Nigeria.

What Made Me Post This 

This morning, a friend of mine called my that  her Facebook account has been hacked this triggered my attention when I heard it. Fortunately I helped her out successfully. That is why am posting How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account in 2020? – [Updated].

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Recovering your Facebook account both new and old would be very easy to do of you read this post till end.

Below are what you need to do to recover your Facebook account.

How to recover your Facebook account:

  • If your password has been reset
This is the most common way of hacking peoples account. All they do is to change your Facebook password and boom it's no longer yours. Recovering this type of issues is quite simple and easy to do. Follow these steps below.

  1. If your Facebook password has been changed click on the forgot password link, if you still have access to the account email or phone number.
  2. Facebook will then redirect you to another page where it would ask you to search for the email, phone number or username that I link with your Facebook account. You can choose any of the options.
  3. Your account would be search and the results would show the account linked to your email or phone number. Click on the the account you want then click on the button "continue"
  4. A Facebook code will be sent to your email or phone number, each one you want, enter the Facebook code and click continue.
  5. After doing that Facebook will then ask you to set a new password. Boom! You have recovered your account.

  • If you have no access to the email

This one means that if you no longer have access to your email you have to follow the steps below to recover your account.

To recover this account is not easy but to recover it fast you need to seek Facebook help so that you can be back to your account.

  • If the email and password has been changed
If the password and email has been changed you have to create a new Facebook account I know it's hard but you have no choice.


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