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How to Fix Try Again Later on Instagram


Welcome to techizzy, a blog about tech and other helpful contents. Today am talking about how to fix try again later on Instagram. This issue is very simple to to fix all you need is just two steps.

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Why does this error occur on Instagram

This error occurs because:
  • You post too much on Instagram
  • Your stay on Instagram has passed the limit a user is meant to use.
  • You follow and like pictures of Instagram users you don't know.
These are the sure problems of this error but good news I would reach y'all how to fix it.

How to Fix Try Again Later on Instagram

To fix this error is very simple just follow these steps below:
  • Firstly, open or launch the Instagram application on your android or iOS device.
  • After launching it try liking the a post if it still shows the image that is below then you have to continue these steps.

  • To clear this error kindly log out of your account for 30 mins
  • After the 30 mins has completed re-login into your account and try liking the image again your problem has been solved.

Watch this video if you do not understand it

This is the video I made my self

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