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How To Unblock Your Self From A Contact


Majority of you have been blocked on WhatsApp because of one or two issues like abusing, cyber bullying and so many issues.

If those people are important and you need them at a particular moment but you can reach out to them,I have a special solution your problem. 

Today I would show you How Unblock Your Self From A Contact with out any stress. All you need is to stick around to this post till end.

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I just want to let you know that if this works kindly visit our site for more update because it's not easy making researches for this article. I spent up to four days drafting this post on my notepad and publishing it for y'all to see, bloggers do not rest we make researches and publish it for our viewers to see.

How To Unlock Your Self From A Contact 2020

Firstly, go to you need to backup your WhatsApp chat or message if you want them to be restored back after the process. You can backup by going to settings > chat > chat backup. After doing the backup process has been completed, go to settings > WhatsApp account and hit the button delete account. The deletion of your WhatsApp account will take some minutes, all you need to do is to wait.

Take Note: By taking the above steps it means you are not on WhatsApp again. And it's also means if someone is no longer on WhatsApp you can't block the person nor chat with the person. This has given you an opportunity not to be on the blocked contact list again.

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When you have completed those steps stated above, it means that your phone number is no longer registered on WhatsApp. To achieve your aim you must register back again with the same phone number.

Note: You do not need to uninstall your WhatsApp application or clear data, all you need is to go straight for reactivation.


How To Reactivate your WhatsApp account

After deleting your account restart WhatsApp and register your number again. Here you have a new registered account.


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Now Go to your contact list and message the person that blocks you. He or she would me amazingly surprised and will ask you how did happen. 

If the person continues blocking you repeat all what you have done. They  will get tired of blocking you and become friends back.

Wrapping Up

This article is for learning purpose and not to scam you. I posted this because it has worked for me, it might not work for you so do not report this blog or do anything that will spoil our image on the internet.

You can try it,if it works congratulations but if it did not am sorry try it again - Disclaimer.
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