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Creating A Blogger blog - Step 2 Step Guide

Do you have what it takes to be blogger, are you ready to sacrifice you money into blogging, are you willing to be consistent in all things you do in the aspect of blogging?

I stated this above things because if you are willing to own a blog, you should know that you are ready for a big work that pays at the end.

If you are a newbie into blogging this awesome article is for you because I would show you how to create a blogger for free.

I Know there are other websites that can create a website for you but they are for professionals like WordPress , you can't just venture in to WordPress because to own a site on WP can frustrate you because you are newbie. Am not saying you can use but it's kinda hard because I  have been a blogger for 2 years now I still don't know how to use it am a learner.

Well let me go straight to what I have for you today. Am going to show you how to create a BLOGGER blog for free.


I would say blogger blog is on of the best blog creator to use because it's very straight forward unlike WordPress that can twist your head off, am not saying WordPress is not good tho but you will see the difference as a newbie.

Let me tell you a short story, I had a student that I thought blogging for 5 months. I thought them with blogger and wix which they really enjoyed because I also thought them coding but after completing their lectures they said they want to venture in WordPress I told them as a newbie start with Blogger but they were to arrogant they continued at the back of me. After 3 months shockingly they came back to me saying the want a blogger blog. I asked them what did they game from it the said "nothing" I laughed and told them can you see had it been you have listened to me you would have made it.

I hope this has thought you a lesson that a new comer into blogging world you have to start with the one you can understand and later in you can venture in to a pressional one.

What Is is a blog creator which was launched on 23 August 1999 by pyra labs and was later bought by Google in 2003.

Blogger has grown drastically since it's inception and alot of publishers seek for it because is easy and reliable and also it can be monetized with Google AdSense.

Creating a blogger blog is very easy and fast to do all you need is your Google account or Gmail to sign up.

How To Create a Blogger Blog
Like I said earlier creation of a blogger blog is very easy and fast to do kindly follow these steps: 
  • Go to after the page has load click on create your blog.
    Click On Create Your Blog
  • After clicking on creating your blog it would navigate to account> 
  • When it has loaded up you would see enter your email address, click on it to enter yours as shown in the image.
    Type Your email address
  • After entering your email address click on next, it'll then take you to enter pass word, click on the box and enter yours.
  • When you have entered your password click on next for it to refer to blogger homepage.
  • After it has Loaded a pop up would appear which say create a blog name, click on the box and chooses you desired name.
    Type your blog name
  • When you have typed it click on next. After the next page has loaded another pop up would come up asking you for a subdomain that ends with Choose a subdomain name for your site and click on save.
    Choose your domain name
  • Congrats, your blog has been successfully created and you can Now start publishing.
  • To publish a post click on the cross button below to start publishing.
Wrapping Up
I hope you have been able to know how to create a blogger blog. Thanks for visiting have a wonderful day. ✋✋
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