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Best Legit Stock Trading Apps To Use In 2020

Goodday techzzians, welcome to here again. Its been a while because am having an important exam that am writing. Alot of viewers has been asking me to post about stock trading apps that are legit so that what took my time all this while but my researches has been completed and am ready to give the top 5 best legit stock trading apps to use in 2020.

The Best Legit Stock App

These are the apps you can use for stock trading, am not done yet i am  gonna talk about them one by one so that you can understand them better. All these apps are legit and good for beginners and pros but everything has terms and conditions which you must follow. With out much time let's get to through them one by one.

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  • TD Ameritrade:
TD Ameritrade is a broker company which was created 49 years ago. Wow so there are some broker companies that has been before we were born that nice.

The founder is Joe Ricketts who is an American businessman and philanthropist who has over 2.7 billion US Dollars Networth as of 2019 which was declared by forbes.
This broker company  offers an e-trading platforms to trade financial assets with other stocks like cryptocurrencies, and exchange traded funds.

This is one of the best stock trading apps in the world.

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  • Fidelity
Fidelity also know as Fidelity Investment is an American financial services that is multinational that is based from Boston, Massachusetts.

This financial service was created on 1946 which is 74 years old if am not mistaken. Since it's inception it has grown drastically to this extent that as of 2018 it's revenue was $18.2 billion. 

The founder of this financial service is Edward C. Johnson II with assistance of one of his relatives who is Abigail Johnson who is the new CEO of the company.

I see no reason for you not to join this wonderful trading copy because for it's revenue you should know that they are legit and not scam.

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  • Webull

Webull is also a good stock trading platform they offer all kind of trading activities.

I will never post about an illegit stuff because I am a member of webull and I have made up to $5000 in a week so if you are looking for a trading app webull is there for you as a beginner.

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  • tastyworks
Tastyworks is a good trading service that gives you all kind of trade options that doesn't collect much money from you but help you build your trading experience. This is according to my opinion but when you start trading with them you would know what am talking about. 

  • SoFi
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SoFi also called SoFi finance is an American online personal finance company according to Wikipedia that gives student loan refinancing, mortgages, personal loans, investing and banks.

This beautiful platform was created by for students who are Mike Cagney,Dan Macklin,James Finnigan,Ian Brady while they were in university.
Check the image below to know more about SoFi:
Image Source : Wikipedia

If you are looking for a stock trading platform for students you can join SoFi.

  • Ally
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Ally is a bank holding compa from Delaware. The company gives services in stock trading, car finance, online banking and many more.

The founders are

  1.  Franklin W. Hobbs, Chairman
  2. Jeffrey J. Brown, CEO
  3. Jennifer Laclair, CFO
Ally has grown to the extent of having 
Revenue of US$6.394 billion (2019),
Net income of US$1.721 billion (2019),
Total assets of US$180.844 billion (2019),
Total equity of US$14.416 billion (2019).

So if you like ally you can join them and start earning.

Wrapping Up

I hope you have been able to know the best Stock Trading Platforms to invest in, kindly share and commént if you like it.

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