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Top Social Networking Platforms to Promote Your Blog

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Majority of you are familiar with social media networking websites. Do you know that you can promote your blog post on all these platforms to grow traffic on your blog or website.

Read below to learn where you can join the conversation, build relationships, and promote your blog to grow your audience.

1. Facebook


Facebook has grown drastically with over 1.5 billion users in which many companies grow their products and services. If you don't have enough money to pay for ads on Facebook, you can open an account and create a page for your blog or website and share the link to your post and you can also post to other groups

2. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social media platform made for business owners. It is owned by Microsoft (Bill Gates Expression). it has over 500 million users in which you can promote and share your business strategies. Also you can post your blog post to build more traffic.

3. Instagram


 Instagram is also another blog promoting platform where celebrities and social media influencers promote business website. If you dont have money to pay for Instagram ads and social media influencers on Instagram. You can make a short video about your site, tell them to click link on bio by adding your website url on your bio, also use popular hashtags to get more views . That is another method of promoting your blog if you don't have money to promote. 

4. Twiiter


Twitter is another popular platform to share your blog post. its very simple. All you need is to copy your url and tweet or share your post directly with embedded share button on your blog. Use hashtags and tag other bloggers to repost. Note : always give small info about the article.

5. Nairaland Forum

Nairaland Forum

Nairaland Forum is a platforms where businesses post about their products. Also many niches are there. All you need to do is copy your blog post URL,then you go to nairaland, scroll down to click on your blog categories (for me i choose webmasters), click on create new topic, copy and paste half of your article, then you paste your url and write click link to read more. It has worked for me. 
Note: Your article must be catchy and trendy so that your audience would be impressed to click on the the link. Also another benefit is: it serves as a backlink to your blog because if any one search for a keyword relating to your post Google would show your nairaland post and if they click on it you can get traffic.

6. WhatsApp and WhatsApp Groups


 This might sound funny that WhatsApp is for your contact only. I disagree to that because WhatsApp had made me get 100 views in one day. All you need to do is to share the link on your status and send as a message to your friends by telling them to share to thier friends. To have people view it you must post something that is trending or else you are wasting your time to be successful.

For the WhatsApp group all you need to do is to join a popular Blogging group with thousands of participant. No matter what happens 50% of your views would come from the WhatsApp group.

7. YouTube


If you are a YouTuber with thousands of subscribers and you just created a blog this would work for you. All you need to do is at the beginning of your video tell your subscribers to visit your website also do the same same at the end of your video. The last thing to do is put links of your website in the description of your video. My dear blogger your views in yout blog post would grow drastically because if your YouTube video is ranking and it had not reduced in it's ranking position you would be getting traffic. The reason is because everyone globally search for videos on YouTube everyday and there is a probability that your video keyword should rank if they are searching for it.

Also make a video related to your blog post so that they would be able to click on the link by telling them for more information click link on description.

8. Medium


You can be a publisher at medium and share your article. To do this is very simple, you need to do is copy your article and paste it on medium and use internal links to link your website and at the end of the article. Write

For more information visit "" This would help you have traffic.

Wrapping Up

My fellow brethren the above stels are my own strategy of getting unlimited traffic and it had worked out for me. But if you can try these above stated info you would come back to thank me.
Thanks for reading and comment below abouth the article thanks.

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