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Silly Mistakes I Made When I Started Blogging


Alot of bloggers that are newbies fail to be successful because of several mistakes. During my early life in Blogging i was also a beginner so don't think am making fun of you out there, it csn happen to anybody.

I made alot of mistakes but i was able to resolve them without stress. if you are beginner in Blogging and you have made alot of mistakes during your start this article ( silly mistakes i made when i started Blogging) is for you.

What Is Blog ?

According to me,a blog is a webpage where a person writes regularly about recents events or topics that interest them, usually with photos and links to other websites that they find interesting.

  When i started blogging i did not know it is all about writing articles on a topic regularly using images and links. So today i will state my mistakes and how i solved them.

    What Are The Silly Mistakes I Made When I Started Blogging

     1. Research:

When i was introduced into blogging  i did not make researches on "How to start a blog". Also, i thought  blogging was like face book and other social media platforms where anything can be posted.

      2.Copy and  paste content:

  The article i published was from other websites including images and you tube videos.

     3. Template: 

The template i used was not SEO friendly and it was not professional for my blog.

     4. Niche:

 As you all know niche is the first action a blogger must have i idea of before creating a blog. Also niche is what will determine the type type of  content that will be posted in a blog but i did  not know what niche niche is when i started a blog and i did not take action about it.

      5. Unstable domain name:

 My domain name was not in a stable mode because i used domain name that was to long and it did not fit my blog.

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   Solutions To The Silly Mistakes I Made When I Started Blogging

 After spending half of the year doing absurd things on my blog, i then start to make researches to make my blog position in a better position. Below are the solutions:

      1. Face book groups:

 I joined blogging groups on facebook in which i stated my problems to professional bloggers and they helped me solve it perfectly.

      2. Niche research:

 I made alot of researches on bogging niche after   i did all my researches i found a niche that am used with and it helped me alot that was why i deleted most of my post.

      3.  Adsense policies: 

I may not have gotten adsense approval because my account is pending approval but all what am doing on my blog is policies from adsense.

      4.  SEO and Article writing: 

I learned SEO and article writing for six month with these i was perfect in writing articles using keywords.

      5. Blog design improvement:

 I learned HTML,CSS&JAVASCRIPT to design a template i bought for my blog to make it a professional blog.

Wrapping Up

     I  hoped you enjoyed this article well if you do kindly share to all social media platforms you know.
please never give up on your dreams.
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