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Requirements For Instagram Verification Badge

Instagram and verified Badge

I know you are a social media influencer or a brand or a public figure and you  want to get Instagram Verification badge because it shows that you are a celebrity or popular person in the world. To get this verification badge is not easy. This is why I am going to take this topic Instagram Verification part by part this is part 1  which is Requirements For Instagram Verification.

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What Do We Call Instagram Verification?

Instagram verification simply means  a badge given to someone or a business entity for being authentic and unique in all what they do.

To get Instagram verification is not an easy task because you to show that you are a real person not a fraud person.

Requirements For Instagram Verification Badge

Instagram gives special requirements for their verification badge which are:

1. Authentic:

This means that your account must be one person or your business must be a well known and registered entity.

2. Unique: 

According to me unique means that you must post things that is not fake and all your content should be yours. Posting blackmail or any other infringement cannot make you verifed.

3. Complete: 

Your account must be public to the world and must  have a short biography, profile picture and at least one post. 

4. Notable: 

This means that your Instagram account must be a highly searched profile. Also you must feature in new sources, you need to know that paid promotional content will deprive you from getting verified.

Here is a word of advice by Instagram:

Instagram has said that if you provide wrong  information in  the verification process, they will remove your verified badge and may take more action to delete your account.
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