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How to Write amazing Blog post

   Article writing is a general work for bloggers but most bloggers do not know how to write an article in that case they copy other website articles and claim it's theirs.   Writing an article is very simple but it takes a lot of time and it requires your idea and inspiration.If you want to learn how to write an article,follow these stages below.    

How To Write Article For A Blog Post 

 1.)Developing And Planning  :  

 This is the first stage,it involves discovering a topic, gathering informations,focusing on a contral theme and material organising.If you are a blogger  and you want to write an article for publication on your site , you need to gather informations for example;watching videos or reading articles similar from other site and so on,make researches and material you will use to write it.

2.) Drafting:

After gathering informations,based on your topic,the next action is to start putting your ideas together.This involves outlining your ideas.An outline is a general sketch or account,indicating the main aspects such as the topics and sub- topics to be discussed.Write down your ideas in as clear,correct and well structured.


 The next step is to have a rethink of what you have written based on content and style.If your content is not good enough,you need to re-write the draft.

NOTE:Make sure you use key words for titles and sub- headings.

4.) Editing or Proofreading:

When you are done with your revision,you need to edit,and proof read,making sure that all sentences are well punctuated,also check for omission aand errors

5.)Add Images And Videos: 

When you have edited or proof read your article the next step is to add images or videos to make your viewrs understand better
NOTE:(1)It is compulsory to add images or videos to get adsense approval but make sure images are not from other websites.                                                                               (2)You can put links to other websites if necessary

6.) Publish Your Article And Recieve Comments:

When your article is ready for publication,you need to review it again because there may be some mistakes you will discover which you may never see when you were writing or revising it.After re-checking,publish your article and receive comments from your viewer.

Here are some article writing tips :

 Ask your the following questions to identify better with your viewers.
(1)who are my readers  
 (2)why are they going to read my article ? what are they expecting?                                 (3)what do i want my readers to know or do after reading my content or article and how should i make that clear to them?    (4)what do my readers already know and not know about my article ? how many do i have to tell them (5)what will they comment will it be good or bad ?                 
For all bloggers these tips will help for your article writing skills.
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