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14 Unbelievable Ways To Be A Successful Blogger In 2020

Do you want to be a successful blogger? well this article is for you.
Before i proceed, i would like to say a big thank you to all my blog readers that have helped me in many ways God will bless you all.

How To Be Successful Blogger

In these times, many people open blogs where they can express themselves and report news, opinions and interviews.
However, many people fall into the error of performing boring or poorly developed content, which leads them to get few visits for not following an order at the time of writing.
This can be easily changed by applying techniques and tips that will help your blog increase its number of visits and get positioned as one of the most popular bloggers in the world.


In your blog you must write about a specific topic so that your followers can easily identify you. In this way, if you decide to write about music, your blog must be 100% dedicated to music. If you put an article about music, another about technology, and another about news stories, you will be generating a mess that will lose the reader and leave your blog.
In addition, your content should be interesting, write about news so your readers will be informed about the latest news.
If your content is interesting and entertaining for the reader, this translates into a follow-up and your followers will like it


When you are writing, you should bear in mind that your content must be well structured in 3 simple points:

•    • Introduction: 

At the beginning you should develop two or three paragraphs introducing the content on which you will speak in the article. In this way the reader will have a general view of the article and, if interested in the subject, will proceed to read it.

•    • Development:

 After writing the introduction, you must proceed to develop the article. Here you must put all the information in an order. The most important things must go first and from there write from the most important to the least important.
You can help using paratexts, such as subtitles and images.


 Once you have developed your article and placed all the information, you should proceed to write a closing conclusion, closing the article you wrote. This conclusion, like the introduction, should not have more than 3 paragraphs.

If your structure is well developed, the content will be presented in an orderly manner and will be pleasant when reading it, generating the reader to stay reading until the end of the article.


When you are writing in a blog you must use an informal language. In this way you will be generating a link with the reader through the use of the word.
If your language is too specific and you use words that not all the community knows, the reader will get bored and abandon your blog.
That's why you should write fluently as if you were talking directly to the reader without a screen between you and him.
In the language you can include all the keywords you want to position in your work, this will help you position your text between the first pages of Google.


The keywords are used to highlight key words of your blog and also by google to position your text among the first ones of the search engine. When a person searches for a word in google, your text must have that word so that your article appears to the reader between the first pages of the search engine.
The most used keywords depend on each topic, there are pages specialized in keywords where you can find examples for your text.
Normally, they are highlighted in bold in your text. The reader must use them to rescue the main ideas of the article.
SEO Redaction:
One of the most important parts when it comes to writing on the internet, is the SEO redaction. This type of writing is the one that will help you position your text in the google search in the first pages.
To position your text, you must combine all the previous points in the same text:
• Organized structure
• Interesting content
• Informal language
• Keywords
Google will use all these points to process and evaluate your text and position it in the search engine.

Successful blogger Wrap Up

If your writing is clear and precise, your article will be positioned between the first pages of the Google search engine, with a higher traffic of visits.
This way you will have a successful blog and, surely, you will be able to begin to obtain monetary gains of the same.
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