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How I Can Submit my blog On FREEBASICS

Are you a beginner in Blogging and looking for measures to have organic traffic on your blog? You have come to the rightful website to solve your problem.

  Today i will state the steps on "how to add your website  to  free basics" by Facebook in which people will be able to browse free on your site on your blog, and also, you will also know the benefit of adding your site into . But before I get started, i need to tell you viewers about free basics


    Info About Freebasics 

  Free basics is a partnership between social networking services company  which are Facebook and some six companies that plans to bring affordable access to selected internet services to some underdeveloped countries.
FOUNDER: Mark Zuckerberg(owner of facebook)
FOUNDED: (2013-date)
MISSION STATEMENT: “Connecting the World “

 Countries That Have Access To Freebasics

1. July 2014: Zambia
2. October 2014: Tanzania
3. November 2014: Kenya
4.January 2015: Colombia
5. January 2015: Ghana, with Airtel
6. 10 February 2015: India with Reliance Communications.
7. 18 March 2015 and 7 October 2015: Philippines with Smart Communications and Globe Telecom.
8. 31 March 2015: Guatemala with Tigo
9. 20 April 2015: Indonesia with Indosat
10. 10 May 2015: Bangladesh with Robi
11. 13 May 2015: Malawi with TNM and Airtel
12. 28 May 2015 and 26 March 2016: Pakistan with Telenor Pakistan and Zong Pakistan respectively.
13. 5 June 2015: Senegal with Tigo
14. 19 June 2015: Bolivia with VIVA
15. 22 June 2015 : Angola with Movicel
16.1 July 2015 : South Africa 
17. 18 October 2015 : Egypt with Etisalat. Service terminated by the NTRA on December 30 after Facebook refused to offer surveillance capabilities for the government.
18. 16 December 2015: Iraq with Korek Telecom
19. 10 May 2016: Nigeria with Airtel Africa
20. 2 June 2016: Madagascar with Bip
21. june 2016: Myanmar with Myanma Posts and Telecommunications
22. February 2017: Nigeria with Etisalat Nigeria
23. March 2017: Algeria with Ooredoo.
24. April 2017: Belarus

   Steps on How To Submit your Website 

  Follow these steps to add your  site on free basics:

Step 1 on how to add your website  to  free basics: 

 1. Add your contact info:
when this link has opened you need provide your:
  •   business name 
  •   Your name
  •   E-mail Address
  •   Phone number
  •   Country

Step 2 on how to add your website  to  free basics:

2. Add your blog information:
  •    Site Name
  •    Category of your blog
  •    Blog logo(upload)

Step 3 on how to add your website  to  free basics: 


  • URLs
  • Countries
  • Language

 Step 4 on how to add your website  to  free basics: 

Accept Terms and conditions:
  • You need to accept terms and condition to submit your site
I hope you all have understand how to gain traffic by submitting your site to Freebasics

Submit your Website Now

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