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Apps That Can Save Instagram Video To Your Gallery

 As we all know Instagram is one of the top influencial social media platform, where you can see things that will blow off your mind. Many Instagram users on do comedy skits that will make you crack your ribs. Also some users post twerking videos and some post 18+ explicit videos which most users like but my advice if for you not to watch. If you have a funny video that you like or any trending videos that you would love to have on your phone gallery.
 This article will teach you how to download instagram videos and photos on android phone.

All you just need is the link of of the video.

You will not be able to download any Instagram story, videos or photos If you don't launch any of the apps below.

Apps That Can Save Instagram Video

1. Video And Photo Downloader For Instagram:

Click Here to download app,after downloading and Installed this app, go to your Instagram account and find the video or photo you want to download.
Click on the three  column dots
as you can see In the Image up. 
From there select Copy Link. Having copied the photo or video link, Launch your Instagram Video And Photo Downloader then locate the Paste button, paste the link you copied earlier. Thats all, you can now download your video or photo from there.

If you do not understand you can watch this youtube video

2.    FastSave:

FastSave allows to download multiple pictures and videos from Instagram. Click here to download FastSave App

After you have successfully downloaded and Installed FastSave app on your Android device, Lauch the app and once It opens, locate FastSave Services. 
Open your Instagram app then you locate the photo or video you wish to download. Click on the three (3) column dots to
access the menu options, from there, select copy link.
Once that Is selected, InstaSave will automatically start downloading the video or photo you have selected earlier.

Obviously my article on how to download Instagram videos and photos on android phones Is very straight forward !
Kindly share this on social media because a lot of people are facing this same problem on Instagram. I have been wondering how to do this since last year but I finally found a solution to this.

Thanks For Viewing.
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