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10 Games that would no longer be Played On PlayStation


This is a sad 😭 news for Gamers who loved and put interest and their heart into Gaming. PlayStation management has annouced that some games would no longer be played on their product forever.

Some countries government has reported cases of young children running mad because of these video games. Recently, In a meeting, PlayStation has made a forthcoming law thar players must be from at least ages 16 to start playing video games because of addiction.

Today i would list 10 games that would not be played on PlayStation forever. Click on the WhatsApp icon at the right side of your screen to join our group fir more update on this issue.

10 countries That Protested Secretly For the Ban of These Games

Sime countries forced PlayStation to ban these games from their product or ekse they would be penalized or their company would be locked down. These countries are
  1.  Nigeria
  2.   South Africa
  3.   Egypt
  4.  Cameroon
  5.  Saudi Arabia
  6.  United Arab Emirates
  7.  Canada
  8.  Japan
  9.  China
  10.  Taiwan

You can see that majority of these countries are developed countries.

  Reasons For the Ban 

There are alot of reasons for the ban of these games but I would mention two important reasons Below:

  •   In Nigeria some students leaves their school compound or premises during lunch or break time wnd use their money to play Games.

  •   In some other countries mentioned above, they complained that their children do not sleep overnight. They games all night and when its time to collect their examination results they score poor marks. 

Those things are not proper for children ir students. I am a final year student of high school and these games are not on my mind, i can't even play them. Parent needs ti discipline their children, do not give them that can ruin their life.

Games That Would Not Longer be on PlayStation

1. Fortnite
2. FIFA 2021
3. Dark Souls 4
4. Final Fantasy 16
5. Doom
6. Monster Hunter Work 
7. Titanfall 2
8. Detroit: Become Human
9. Assassin's Creed Odyssey
10. Blood Borne

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