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8 steps To Make Massive Money on Zap surveys

Making money on the internet is now getting fun and interesting. Techizzy is here with another app that pays 50 US dollars. You might be surprised that how will an app just pay me 50 US dollars. Well I gat your back because the team of techizzy has made alot of discoveries about this app. It's a survey application namely Zap survey.

What Are Online Survey

My opinion and expression towards online survey quite straight forward. Online surveys can be defined in which companies creates a websites or develops application which the major aim to ask the public questions about a particular products or any questions to know about the competition going on in the business industry so after the users have answered the questions correctly they get paid.
You can search other websites about online surveys this is my opinion to online surveys.

What is Zap survey?
Zap surveys 

This question is a good question to answer. If you are a wise person the definition of online surveys has said it all but for those who does no my really know about it here is the definition.

Zap surveys is an online survey platform that ask you relevant questions and pays you $50 for questions you answer correctly.

Things You Should Know About Zap surveys
  1. For citizens of Nigeria you must use VPN to use this app
  2. It's not available for Nigerians
  3. It's minimum threshold is $50
  4. Use reliable VPN APK like turbo VPN.

How To Earn on Zap surveys weekly

If you are consistent enough you can make up to 50 US dollars in a week. Online Surveys are not for lazy and dull people. It's for people with  IQ and are intelligent.

  1. Connect to United States or United kingdom VPN with a good application.
  2. After doing that, Go to play store and bypass country restrictions to enable you to download apps that are not in your region or country.
  3. Then you go to play store again to download zap survey application. It might take 3 to 5 mins to install, depends on the App size.
  4. After it's installation, kindly launch the the app.
  5. You would be ask for you email for the sign up process. Also you need to provide a username for identity confirmation. After doing the sign up process you would be giving $ 0.75 for start up.
  6. You need to take note of this, you would be asked to turn on your location please don't on it because the app is not in your region.
  7. Now you can take your survey in which you would be given $6.25 as shown below on the image.
    Zap surveys 
  8. You can start taking other surveys afterwards.
Wrapping Up on how to earn on Zap surveys:
Take note : Take surveys from inbrain and peanut lab. I have a reason for that you would understand when the time comes.
Inbrain lab

How To Withdraw your Earnings On Zap surveys
There are alot of ways to withdraw your Earnings on Zap surveys but the best is PayPal. Once you have your $25 ready you will then navigate to the cash out page to cash out your money.
PayPal withdrawal method

Alternative to Earn on Zap surveys

You can earn upto 10 USD for referring to your family and friends. 

Some people might not be lucky in reffering contest so you can only stick to the survey that all.

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