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How To Get #500 airtime With Flom App

Flom is an app that allows two users to chat or do video calls at anytime.
This app is really cool and it doesn't waste data.

Anytime a user signed up with this app they gives them 500 naira Airtime. But After the sometime  they reduced the Airtime by 450 which means that it's now 50 naira Airtime.

Anyways 50 naira Airtime is something, if you are interested in it kindly follow the steps below.

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What I Can Do With Flom App

Flom app is created to allow users to send airtime to friends and family members including yourself. Also it enables free and and video calls.

How To Redeem #500 Airtime On Flom App.

  1. First and foremost, you need to download Flom app from Google play store.
  2. After downloading, sign up with your phone number which will be used to verify your identity.
  3. Click on the MENU button, then you will tap send feedback.
  4. Immediately fill the form and send.
  5. After some minutes your line would be credited with #500 Airtime automatically when they see your feedback message.
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