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How To Make Massive Money on a Blog

Goodday viewers, am so sorry for the late update. I was working on this post so I did not have much time to gather up my article because this article took me time to post. I know most of you want to make money 💰 but today is the deadline of your issues with that.

So let's get started

What Is A Blog..?

To learn how to make money from a blog you must have knowledge of what a blog means.

Blogs are like a journal website, in which articles are published and are to be read by some specific audience.

In the past bloggers wrote about their passion and Interests. But now, you can blog about anything you want.

How To Blog And Make Money

1. Google Adsense:

Adsense Is one of the best ads network. It Is also used by big websites and blogs on the Internet like
It's minimum withdrawal Is $100. Although they are very strict with their policies and any website that go against It will be suspended or banned.

They are concerned about your contents and article. Contents are very Important than any other thing. Most people are rejected because of copy and paste contents or low-quality contents published on their blog.

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2. Affiliate Marketing:

 An affiliate Marketer Is someone who sell other people products and In return they are paid some commission.
Affiliate marketing can be done by blogger and non-bloggers. But If you already own a blog or website, that Is an advantage. Affiliate companies offers links and banners that can be added to the HTML section of your blogs.

There are so many Affiliate marketing companies out there. I'll just mention a few.
For my country I prefer Jumia affliate.

1.Amazon Associates
3. Jumia affliate program

Many are still out there, maybe you can make researches on Google or other search engines.
To know more about affliate Marketing read : TOP AFFLIATE MARKETING PROGRAMS 2020

3. Sell Digital Product:

Probably you don't like to sell other people's product but yours. Digital products will equally Increase your blogs Income volume. You can sell your own digital products on your blog such as:
2.Video courses
3.You can sell Apps, Plugin and also Theme.
4.You can sell Images, videos, and music people can use in their own content.

Just make sure that your videos are related to your contents.

If you can achieve this your income would be uncountable.

Final words : how to generate earning on a blog

Blogging is fun and stressful. A lot of people has moved from part-time to full-time. There are over a billion blogs on the Internet, practise SEO (search engine optimization) which Is very Important and delicate. Use keywords so that your contents or article can appear In search engines results pages.

Thank you and remain blessed.
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