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5 ways to drive unlimited Traffic in a new blog - Step to Step Guide

Traffic on a blog

Have you wondered why you don't have unlimited Traffic in your website?

My answer is you are lacking an essential and important thing you are meant to do before open or publishing you site on Google.

If you are looking for ways to drive traffic on your new site this is the rightful blog because an going to show you the step to step guide to drive organic traffic into your site. 

   The Key Factor Of Driving Traffic - SEO

According to me, search engine optimization also called SEO a way driving traffic into you blog or website which makes your site rank on Google search results.

In other words, SEO is a way of optimizing your website to get organic, unpaid, traffic from search engine results. 

There are alot of ways in which you can do SEO but for me I have 3 sure ways that can help you. They are:

1.  On - page SEO :

On page SEO simply means optimizing your content and HTML source in order for you to gain organic traffic on your blog.
It's requires mostly meta tag description for your blog to show on relevant search results.

2.  Off-page SEO :

Off page SEO are things you do outside your blog to make it rank on Google or other search engines. 

The things are posting your blog link or blog post on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and forums like nairaland forum.

3.  Technical SEO :

Technical SEO deals with web crawlers. It's simply means optimizing your site for crawling and to be indexed perfectly.

Your content must be rich in text for it to be indexed properly. If you are familiar with Google search console there will be a time it would notify you about snippet issues it's because your site is not well optimizex for long rich content by the crawlers.

Other key factors to drive organic traffic

2) write on a consistent basis :

As a new blogger that want to drive unlimited traffic you need to publish at least 3 blog post daily that is unique and not copy and paste because Google would surely know about copyrighted contents and it's might make your blog banned from Google forever.

You better know what you are doing do that you passion will not be turned to frustration.

3) Keywords Research :

   This one is the most important Off-page SEO practice. This is very important if you want to drive organic traffic from search engines like Google and others.

SEO keywords are word phrases in your content that makes people to find your site on search engines. With keywords you can rank on different searches.

Here Are List of keywords tools on the internet:
2) Google keyword planner
3) Ubersuggest 
4) kwfinder 
5) ahrefs.com
6) ask the people
Some are premium while some are free.

4) Write Evergreen contents:

 I would advice you to make your niche to how-to because it's an evergreen niche. 

Evergreen contents are contents that still remains relevant and useful to people till the words comes to an end.

Let me tell you something, when you post an evergreen content and blog post is ranking it means that it's can rank for life. You better know what you are doing pal do you won't be a frustrated blogger.

Also make sure you make severe researches so that you will produce evergreen contents for your viewers around the world.


As a newbie in Blogging industry, your target should be "how to engage audience and drive traffic to your new blog", and not monetization. That is the very big mistake beginners make.

NOTE: stealing people's content will not take you to greater heights, also your site will surely face penalties by Google for piracy.

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