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How to get free 1000MB from MyAirtel App

Airtel NG  has given Nigerians a new way to get free data it's very easy and simple. All you need is to follow my step to step guide on how to get 1000 MB using MY AIRTEL APP. This App is free for downloading and installing,
All you need to do is to use your knowledge and you would get it.

What Is My Airtel App?

My Airtel App - Techizzy

According to me, my Airtel app is an app for Airtel customer in which you can make Online Recharge Mobile, Bill Payments, Money Transfer Bank & Wallet.

What New About The App

  • You can now refer your contacts to use the MyAirtel App and earn benefits when they register .
  • You can now view your voice calls and check SMS balance.
  • It fixes bugs

 More Info about this App

I, ogunwale Isaac hereby swear that this is legit and not scam. If it's real comment and if it's not encourage people not to visit this blog. My researches are not lies but the truth. 
Airtel and Vodafone are the same but the only difference is that Nigerians uses Airtel while Ghana uses Vodafone.
This means what is applicable to Airtel is also to Vodafone. 
Airtel gives 1k mb while Vodafone gives 500MB. I don't know why it's like that but trust me it's legit, this Blog and it's authors cannot post void articles.
In conclusion to this sub headline, to partake in our weekly giveaways you have to be current on this blog to win unlimited prizes. 

How To Get This Wonderful Megabytes from MyAirtel App

  1. For Nigerians download myairtel app on Google play store
  2. For Ghanaians, download myvodafone app from Google play
  3. Having selected your location, download and install the app. Launch the application and sign up with your Airtel or Vodafone number only.
  4. Immediately the sign up process is done, you will get a One Time Password which is called OTP code which would be used to verify your account automatically when it has been received by you by SMS.
  5. Check the image below.
Screenshot of data balance and OTP code

More Images on MyAirtel App
Image One
Image Two

Wrapping up

I hope you enjoyed this updated article o. MyAirtel App if you do like,share, Subscribe for more update.

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