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How I Can Activate 1GB For 200 Naira

Goodday viewers, you all would be wondering why I am updating my blog post everyday. It's just to make you all know new things that are trending.

Today I will show you how to activate 1GB for just 200 naira.


MTN 5OOMB for #25 has a new option that is more better and this is the MTN 1GB for #200. This plan is valid for 7days (1week) this means it is different from other plans that last for 3O days.

This plàn does ñot work for all MTN users. It is a welcome back bundle which means that if you have not recharged your sim for the past 30 days this plan is used to welcome back users. It can also work out for those that recharge frequently.
Moreover, if this plan is used up it can be renewed.

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How I Can Activate And Migrate To 1GB For 200 #aira

These are the steps required to activate the plañ:

1). You need to have a minimum of 200 and above on your MTN line to ensure a successful data plan.

2). You will dial the code *131*65#

3). Select option 2 in the dialogue 

4). Then you càn  do the necessary things.

1). First thing you need to know is that this plan work on all devices and you need to get a new SIM card if it doesn't work on your current Sim card.

2). To check for validity service simply dial *559*65#

Enjoy your 1gb and stay safe.😷😷😷
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