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5 Craziest Things You Must Not Post On social media

Hello everyone, there are things you shouldn't post on social media but you think its just for fun. Do you know that there are some things you post on social media that can implicate you.
This why i am going.to tell you out there "The Things You Must Not Post On Social Media" so as to avoid problems for you. 

5 Things You Must Not Post On Social Media:

In this present world, the technology world has recommended that there is a cost to have an online presence. People think free social media apps and games is cool, but you need to be aware that some of these free application do store your cherished data to sell for profit
     Privacy is rarity these days and most social media site are largely to be blamed. Sometimes, most users do all sort of things on social media sites in which they risk their privacy. For example, facebook is the present king of social media, it has over 2.7 billion users world-wide as of the second quarter of 2020 including 20 million Nigerians who log into it every month.
         So before you ever hit the "share" button, these are "5 things you Must Not post on social media" so as to not compromise your data. Apart from the risk of technology companies safing your data and selling them, you also risk giving away your life to cyber fraudsters and some other criminals.

1. Your home and work addresses

Most people think they do not have their work and home addressess on social media but do you know checking in and geo tagging photos can give your address even when you do not realise they are doing so.
If all your made up geo tags point to the same location, some criminals can assume that is where you live or work. Also, be careful of other people who may tag your address. For instance, you have friends who usually "checks in"to your apartment on facebook without permission. Please inform them that you do not want that anymore.

 2. Certain photos of kids

In a certain stage you need to be extra careful because when it comes to the issue of children and social media. If these kids are not your kids, please get permission from their parents before you post or upload anything.

Even if they are your kids, and you want to upload these compromising images, including the school they attend or any other personal information please be careful because you may not know your watchers. There have been cases of kids being kidnapped at school.   Meanwhile, you rarely see people postnude photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, these photos are seen on Snapchat, Whatsapp or Messenger and Tiktok. This is a bad idea,seeing as how no one but you can be truthful with such pictures.

3.  Password clues

E-security questions are not the strongest, especially when they require information that could easily give away on social media. For instance, your state of origin, your best pet name, the date of your marriage, your girlfriend's name and so on - All these are specific information your larger circle does not require to know on the net.

4. Details on vacation

Telling people on social media that you wiill not be at home for a long period of time is an invitation letter for armed robbery to break in but you can post some photos at the destination of your vacation. You should never post the entire details. For instance, I am in California from December to Febuary 20; Taiwan, February 20 to August 31. This might constitute a great security risk to you and your family before or when returning from those vacation trips.


5. Credit cards and Passports or Financial Infromation

It is totally not compulsory for you to upload pictures of your credit card, passport, bank details or information on social media because there are some information you may be giving away to cyber fraudsters. No one needs to know the bank you use or your range of income. Even your date of birth and place can give hackers details to access your financial details. Do not share this information.

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